The main sort of production is milled components made of solid and spliced timber. The quality of mechanical processing and grading of the production is up to the modern world standards. The ready production is being supplied to external and internal markets.

СОЛОМЕНСКИЙ ЛЕСОЗАВОД - одно из старейших предприятий Карелии.

"SOLOMENSKIY LESOZAVOD" LLC is one of the oldest companies of Karelia.

The first sawmill on the bank of Logmozero lake was built twelve miles away from the city of Petrozavodsk in 1874. The Solomensky sawmill of merchant Gromov was considered to be the best wood processing company of Karelia of the nineteenth century. Location - village Solomennoe, County of Petrozavodsk.

СОЛОМЕНСКИЙ ЛЕСОЗАВОД - одно из старейших предприятий Карелии.

At the present time "SOLOMENSKIY LESOZAVOD" LLC is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise. It is one of the largest wood-processing companies in the republic of Karelia.

Modern equipment which is operated in a single process flow helps to ensure the specified quality indicators: precision and cleanness of machined parts finishing, necessary grade of products.

Operating humidity of wood can be set in accordance with the terms of the customer: from transport to furniture. Dimensions and profiles of milled parts may be different and depend on the wishes of the customer. Packing of packages protects the finished product from precipitation and guarantees safety during loading and unloading.

“SOLOMENSKIY LESOZAVOD” LLC is ready to cooperate with customers and suppliers on long-term and mutually beneficial terms.


General Manager:


Pladov Andrey