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We are working to meet the needs of the market in products from wood of high quality, preserving and increasing the wealth of Russian forests


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The main type of products are milled parts made of solid and fused wood. The quality of machining and sorting of products meets the modern world standards. Finished products are sold for export to the domestic market.

About the company

"SOLOMENSKIY LESOZAVOD" LLC is one of the oldest companies of Karelia. At the present time "SOLOMENSKIY LESOZAVOD" LLC is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise. It is one of the largest wood-processing companies in the republic of Karelia.

To buyers

The main products of LLC "SOLOMENSKIY LESOZAVOD" parts are milled from solid and glued wood. The quality of machining and sorting of products meets modern standards. Finished products are sold for export to the domestic market


On sawmilling site there has been equipment installed of the world-renowned Austrian company SPRINGER. The line power is 250 thousand cubic meters of raw sawlogs per year. High-tech cameras of Austrian company MUHLBOCK VANICEK qualitatively dry timber until joinery humidity for a minimum period of time. Cameras are equipped with modern computer control system.

Dried lumber are subject to milling on a high-speed line produced by the Slovenian company LEDINEK. Feed rate of blanks is up to 250 m / min. The surface treatment cleanness meets the highest requirements. The production program for the production of milling products is 115 thousand per year. Finished goods warehouse is equipped with a unique device for mechanized loading of packages into shipping containers that can deliver packets with the products to the customer without any mechanical damage.

Modern equipment which is operated in a single process flow helps to ensure the specified quality indicators: precision and cleanness of machined parts finishing, necessary grade of products. Operating humidity of wood can be set in accordance with the terms of the customer: from transport to furniture. Dimensions and profiles of milled parts may be different and depend on the wishes of the customer. Packing of packages protects the finished product from precipitation and guarantees safety during loading and unloading.

The company operates based on the principle of non-waste production and in accordance with environmental regulations. For this purpose there was a boiler plant acquired by the Austrian company POLITECHNIK, which produces thermal energy from waste lumber in the form of sawdust and bark for the technological needs of the enterprise.

Certification FSC